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Why Study Abroad?

Norway is a beautiful country home to scenic surroundings. Today, Norway is a modern country geared towards technology, innovation and developing a knowledge based society making it a great study destination.

Norway has a rich and interesting history. The land has been settled since the end of the last ice age and modern-day Norway became famous in the Middle Ages for its fearless warriors, the Vikings. The Vikings were also explorers and traders and they controlled most of Scandinavia, Iceland, Greenland and parts of France, Britain, and Ireland between the 9th and 12th centuries C.E. The Viking period was one of national unification and expansion for Norway.

Then in 1387, the Norwegian royal line died out and the country entered a period of union with Denmark. By 1586, Norway had become part of the Danish Kingdom. In 1814, as a result of the Napoleonic wars, Norway was separated from Denmark and combined with Sweden. The union persisted until 1905, when Sweden recognized Norwegian independence. The Norwegian Government offered the throne of Norway to Danish Prince Carl in 1905. After a plebiscite approving the establishment of a monarchy, the parliament unanimously elected him king. He took the name of Haakon VII, after the kings of independent Norway. Today Norway has a unitary parliament and a constitutional monarchy.

Norway's education system makes the country a great destination for students. The basic principle of the Norwegian Education system is “Education for all.” Everyone should have equal opportunities to pursue a higher education degree and receive a quality education. This philosophy has led to Norway being a leader in education in Europe. The Universities are mainly run by the state and emphasize research and research training. Degrees are offered in many different areas of study and there are also Bachelor degree programs conducted in English.

In addition to its impressive educational system, Norway is also the home of many outdoor adventures. When you take a break from studying, you can see the Aurora Borealis (the Northern lights), experience the midnight sun, fjords and mountains. Depending on the season you can go skiing, white water rafting or climbing; or simply enjoy the fresh air, clean water and open space. Norway is home to endless possibilities for unique nature experiences.

When you combine all the aspects of Norway: history, education, culture, natural resources, etc, the country provides an excellent location to learn and explore.

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