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Why Study Abroad?

Bordered by Ethiopia, Tanzania, Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda and the Indian Ocean, Kenya is one of most diverse destinations in Eastern Africa to study abroad. Known for its wildlife safaris, Kenya embodies the picturesque representation of African landscape and vast beauty. Giraffes, zebras, hippos crocodiles and lions roam the savannas, and Kenya's rich history, culture and countryside are unlimited in quantity and a perfect match for adventurous and curious students.

According to archeological findings, some of the earliest evidence of man has been discovered in what is now the country of Kenya. More recently, the history of Kenya includes cultural influences from other parts of the world, which has contributed to the blossoming of the country’s official language, Swahili. The ethnic groups in Kenya are vast, and many can still be found in the tribes distributed throughout Kenya’s countryside. The country’s power was historically struggled between Portuguese, Arabic and British settlers, and the British ended up gaining and maintaining the power from 1890 to 1952, when these ethnic groups began to rebel against the British. Thus, the country’s Swahili motto, “harambee”, meaning “pull together, was born.

An ideal place to study economics and political science, Kenya has come a long way since their 1963 Independence. The country has experienced its share of economic problems due to agricultural decline and political corruption, but Kenya has attempted to make up for what it has suffered by encouraging the promotion of tourism to its luxurious coastal getaways and countless opportunities to experience an authentic African safari. The mountain range, especially Mt. Kenya National Park, is also a great way to go trekking when the season is right. Nairobi, the country’s capital, can be relatively mild year-round, with the exception of the snow received in the mountains and the dry heat throughout the savannas.

Kenya is home to a number of national parks and wildlife reserves, making the country a great place to study biology, ecology, zoology, or any of the environmental sciences. Students might also be interested in studying related courses in health services, business, archaeology, paleontology, education, history, the performing arts or social sciences (not all courses may be offered--please refer to your program description for specific course offerings).

Culture is quite diverse in Kenya, making it fantastic for cultural studies as well. Over forty ethnic groups and countless linguistic variations and dialects exist, and the wide variety is thought to be the result of various migrations across the country thousands of years ago. Today, some remain herdsman and others nomads, but all have their own unique spirit that embodies the country and emphasizes its timelessness.

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