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Why Study Abroad?

In the ancient lands of the Eastern Mediterranean lies Israel, the only place in the world that houses the sites of the three Abrahamic faiths: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Although this rich heritage can be a cause for conflict, it can also serve as a learning opportunity to those who travel beyond borders to the neighboring occupied territories of Gaza and the West Bank, the latter of which is safer to travel. Since American and Israeli ties are strong, there is a large influence of Western culture in Israel; luxury and nightlife are easily accessible in this developed nation, especially in the port city of Tel Aviv. Israel hosts both Hebrew and Arabic as its official languages, fostering an opportunity for those interested in gaining fluency in the world

Due to its deep involvement in the international affairs arena, Israel is the ideal location for those looking to study international relations, political science, international and civil law, peace and conflict studies, and public policy. Since Israel has a long history of being in peace talks with the Palestinian leaders, students in the international policy-making arena are sure to be able to apply their skills.

Additionally, Israel and its occupied territories are known as a hub for archaeology and history

In terms of modernity and development, Israel is known to host the Silicon Valley of the Middle East in Tel Aviv and is widely considered to be developed and luxurious. Not only has Israel adopted the Western culture of leisure and recreation, but it has also incorporated a vast array of universities, companies, and tourist sites. Israel still manages to balance its roots in the Jewish tradition without aggressively enforcing it. It is also economically sound. Students interested in pursuing technology, international business, social and civil development, finance and trade will have much to study and observe while in Israel.

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