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Absentee Voting

  • See "Voting Assistance"

Air Travel

  • A vendor of discounted leisure travel products, offering consumers affordable onestop shopping for all of their travel needs.
  • Customs Information Official government website for U.S. Customs information, including links for air travelers.
  • Look for reasonable airfare by comparative shopping on one site.
  • Designed with the traveler in mind, and gives you access to a large selection anywhere of low fares and rates on airline tickets and other travel products.
  • By providing the best prices form their partners, customers can name their own price on airfare, hotel, etc.
  • STA Travel A student travel agency offering discounted air and rail fares, as well as the International Student Identity Card (ISIC).
  • Transportation Security Administration Official government site providing security tips for air travelers.


Alcohol and Drugs


  • U.S. State Department: Arrest A description of assistance provided by the Department of State to Americans arrested abroad. Go to Course 1, Module 9, Task 6 – "Avoiding Legal Trouble Abroad" to learn how to research legal issues in a different country and how U.S. laws do not apply overseas.

Arts and Culture

  • The offical entrance to Austrian tourism, find what you need to know about Austrian culture.
  • Austrian Culture Contains links to relevant sites with more information on music, theater, concerts and more in Austria. Some sites are in German.
  • Links to music performances, theater and dance, museums and more in Vienna.



Background Information

Birth Certificate Information

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Consulate and Embassies



Cross–Cultural Preparation

Culture Shock


Culture Etiquette



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  • Voicing Concern About Discrimination Abroad SAFETI Online Newsletter article by Christa Sanders, CoFounder of Voices of Change, gives a countryspecific example of discrimination encountered abroad.
  • Go to Course 1, Module 4, Task 5 "Discrimination Overseas" to learn about coping with stereotypes, discrimination, and the challenges of diversity overseas.
  • Group Specific Information: Find information about discrimination abroad for African Americans, Hispanic/Latin@ Americans, Asian/Pacific Islander Americans, and Native American students.
  • Racism and Gender: Mentors answer questions about discrimination students may face abroad and how to cope with these issues.


Doctors and Hospitals


– E–

Embassies and Consulates

  • see "Consulates and Embassies"


  • See "Crisis"

Emergency Action Plan (E.A.P.)

Entry Requirements

Environmental Health

  • CDC Environmental Health This site gives advice on how to deal with environmental hazards ranging from hurricanes to air pollution.


  • see "Program Evaluation"
– F–


  • See "Air Travel"

Financial Aid

Financial Issues

Finding a Program

  • See also "Programs"
  • Who Runs Your Program? A resource of Provides an explanation of program structures and ownership. This should be the first step in choosing a study abroad program.
  • Worldwide Colleges and Universities A resource of The Center for Global Education. The site provides web links to colleges and universities around the world.
  • Programs Abroad A resource of The Center for Global Education. The site provides an extensive listing with links to programs abroad, including internship, research, service learning and volunteer, study and work abroad programs.
  • Finding a Quality Program A resource of The Center for Global Education. The site provides a tool to search for a study abroad program by country and by major.
  • Sarah's Wish This site provides helpful safety tips on things to remember when looking for a study abroad program provider.
  • International Education of Students Homepage for the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) which provides guidelines for evaluating study abroad programs.
  • Go to Course 1, Module 2, Task 1 " Find the Right Program" to find a quality program and see what options you have.
  • – Deciding on a Program: Mentors address the most important issues around deciding on a program.
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Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Travelers

Government and Politics


  • see "Travel Guides"


– H–



Homosexual Travelers

  • see "Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Travelers"
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Intern Abroad

  • See also "Work Abroad"
  • Intern Abroad Country and career specific guide to finding internships overseas.

International Organizations

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Language Learning and Information

Legal Assistance

– M–


Making Your Experience Count


Mental Health


  • see "Subway"

Minority Students

Money and Banking

– N–

Newspapers Around the World

    • People's Daily (China)
    • Le Monde (France)
    • La Presse (France)
    • Rhein Zeitung (Germany)
    • Der Spiegel (Germany)
    • Ha'aretz (Israel)
    • Achla (Israel)
    • La Repubblica(Italy)
    • Yomiuri Shinbun (Japan)
    • Mainichi Shinbun (Japan)
    • Journal de Noticias (Portugal)
    • Diario Do Grande ABC (Brazil)
    • Pravda (Russia)
    • ABC (Spain)
    • Reforma (Spain)

Nonverbal Communication

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Program Evaluation

  • IES MAP Homepage for the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) which provides guidelines for evaluating study abroad programs.
  • IFSA Butler For Students Section Example of types of support services offered by a study abroad provider to students abroad.
  • Inter–Organizational Task Force Guidelines A task force of study abroad administrators developed a set of guidelines, which include fourteen points of responsibilities for program administrators.
  • Sara's Wish This site provides helpful safety tips on things to remember when looking for a study abroad program provider.


– R–


  • See "Culture Shock"

Road Travel Safety

– S–

SAFETI Clearinghouse

  • About SAFETI Safety Abroad First Educational Travel Information and contact informaton.


Sexual Harassment and Assault


  • STDs Official government website of the Center for Disease Control, contains links to information on AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.


Students With Disabilities

Study Abroad Programs

  • IIEPassport Provides information about various study abroad programs.
  • Peterson's Provides information about various study abroad programs.
  • Provides information about various study abroad programs.


– T–


Time Zones

  • Provides all time zones and running, up–to–date clocks for all capital cities.



Travel Advisories

Travel Documents

Travel Guides

Travel Providers

Travel Safety Tips and Advice


– V–


  • CDC Vaccination Information From the National Center for Infectious Diseases, critical information on what vaccinations are necessary or suggested before traveling to certain countries.
  • Vaccinations: Mentors answer the question about getting vaccination before traveling abroad.

Volunteer Abroad

Voting Assistance

  • Federal Voting Program Provides links to state voting officials, state voting requirements and forms to register absentee and request ballots.


Women (Female) Travelers

Work Abroad

Country Specific
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