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Why Study Abroad?

Argentina offers the best of South American passion and flair mixed with the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Europe. The country is home to the gorgeous beaches of Mar del Plata, the tango (known as the dance of passion), the iconic Andes mountains and much more. Argentina boasts some of the best universities in South America and students will find a wide variety of subjects and activities to engage their interest.

Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world and has a diverse population. Buenos Aires, the country’s capital, was established by Spain as a permanent colony in the 16th century. Due to the countries history as a colony, many inhabitants of Argentina today are of European descent, particularly from Spain and Italy. Today Buenos Aires is the center of culture, economy, politics and industry in Argentina as well as the main port city. Buenos Aires features elegant architecture, historical attractions, museums, theaters, and more. The city’s architecture, reflecting Italian, Spanish, and French influences, makes Buenos Aires a great destination for students of architecture.

Argentina has a similar democratic political system to the United States. The most famous political period in Argentina took place when the Peronist party was founded by Juan Domingo Peron. Peron, an army colonel, was elected president in 1946. His politics were aimed at empowering the working class and expanding labor unions. Eva Peron (known as Evita) was influential in during her husband’s presidency. Eva, who led the campaign for women’s suffrage to become law in 1947 and was dedicated to helping the lower classes, would become an icon for her work. In 1955 Juan Domingo Peron was sent into exile yet he was elected president again in 1973 and died in office. Argentina’s political climate continued to be turbulent for the next decades although today the political landscape is fairly stable. The country’s rich political history makes it a great place for political science students to study.

No other country can rival the geographical diversity of Argentina. In Argentina you will find the Andes mountains, one of the longest mountain ranges in the world, in addition to the Anconcagua, the highest peak in Latin America. Students can explore diverse destinations such as the Iguazú Falls, Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire). The south of the country is home to more lakes, forests, mountains, glaciers and penguins. Argentina’s variety in terrain makes it is a great location for those studying geography, ecology or environmental sciences. Talampaya National Park is also located in Argentina. The park was home dinosaurs during Triassic Period and also contains artifacts from indigenous societies. Students of archaeology or paleontology can spend time exploring the treasures held in the park.

Argentina has the highest literacy rate in South America. The country’s university system has experienced growth in recent years, giving Argentina one of the most educated populations in Latin America. For all students, Argentina is one of the best destinations to learn and explore.

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