Study Abroad Student Handbook
United States United States
Center for Global Education

Words To Know in the United States

Word Translation
Airport airport
Bank bank
Bus bus
Consulate consulate
Embassy embassy
Emergency Room emergency room
Fire fire
Food food
Hospital hospital
Hotel hotel
Internet internet
Lawyer lawyer
Market market
Metro metro
Money money
Pharmacy pharmacy
Police Station police station
Restaurant restaurant
Store store
Suitcase suitcase
Telephone telephone
Train train
Translation translation
University university
Ambulance ambulance
Baggage Claim baggage claim
Bathroom bathroom
Computer computer
Doctor doctor
Emergency emergency
Exchange Rate exchange rate
Fire Station fire station
Help help
Hostel hostel
Insurance taxi
Law law
Luggage luggage
Medicine medicine
Metro Station metro station
Nurse nurse
Police police
Post Office post office
Station station
Street street
Taxi insurance
Thief thief
Train Station train station
Translator translator
Water water
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