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Why Study Abroad?

There are literally hundreds of reasons why you should chose to study abroad in Great Britain. The attraction of the UK stems from is unique ability to provide a balance between a centuries-old tradition, and a cutting-edge modern life that is both exciting and multi-faceted. If you are looking for a country that is sophisticated, interesting, modern, fun, beautiful, challenging, inviting, and stimulating, Great Britain is the destination for you.

The UK’s world-class contributions to literature, art, philosophy, religion, science, technology, commerce and trade, industry, politics – basically, everything – make it one of the best places in the world to pursue your education. Its long-running position as a world-leader has attracted some of the best and most creative minds from around the world, and has fostered a highly developed environment of learning and thought. Universities and institutions of learning are held to a high standard through the Quality Assurance Agency; and the quality of research at British institutions is assessed yearly by the Research Assessment Exercise, a practice that has kept British research competitive and progressive.

More specifically, those interested in the fields of finance, economics, business, political science, advertising, creative design and the arts, music performance/music industry, theater, pharmacy/medicine, and software will find that study in the UK will open up a plethora of opportunities. The UK ranks at least 3rd in the world for study in each of these areas; so not only will students find that they are receiving a globally respected education, but also that their education is equipping them with the skills and knowledge to compete successfully in the global market.

In the fields of finance, business, economics and political science, London has been a center of commerce and trade for over a century. Advances in technology, the telecommunications revolution, and Britain’s growing integration with the rest of Western Europe have only enhanced its position as a financial leader. Britain’s creative industry – advertising, creative design, theater, music, and the arts – has experienced a reawakening over the past 40 years, and it is now recognized as a premier Western European locale for the study and pursuit of the arts. Medical research, including pharmaceuticals, genetics, and epidemiology, is also one of the primary reasons students choose to study in the UK. In 2000, 37% of all R&D done in the UK was in the field of pharmaceuticals. Finally, Britain is the world’s 3rd largest consumer of software products, which has resulted in an industry that is consistently at the forefront of innovation and adaptation. In 2001 alone, the British software industry grossed over £20 billion.

The UK has the added allure of offering its visitors four distinctly different cultures, which lie within arms reach of each other – those of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Though a part of the same political unit, these regions’ people, landscapes, social culture, and even language are all truly unique yet close enough to enable you to experience each with relative ease. Furthermore, with the completion of the Channel Tunnel in 1994, an underground tunnel that runs below the English Channel and connects Britain to France, travel to the continent is faster and easier than ever.

Read on – Why Study Abroad and find answers how study abroad can affect your personal growth and career path.

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